Contact / Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you or your interest in my efforts and ministry. Complete the form at the bottom of this page and I will respond ASAP.  Before you do, please read the FAQs below.  Your question may be answered here.

1. Can you represent me?  Can I send you my music for review? Can John Michael Talbot record my song?

No, No, and No.  I exclusively represent John Michael Talbot and do not accept other clients.  I cannot review your music or submit your music to John Michael due to contractual agreements.  Thank you for understanding.

2. I would like to invite John Michael Talbot to my parish or event.  What do I do?

Please visit this link:

3. Can you sing / play at my wedding or the funeral of a loved one? What is your fee?

The answer is maybe.  If it is at my parish Holy Trinity - of course.  If it is at another parish you will have to first check with the parish Director of Music for permission. Not all parishes allow guests.  If I am available, my fee is $250.  Thank you for understanding as this is one of the ways I feed my family.

4. Can you sing / play at a special parish event; healing service, prayer group, parish mission? Give a concert at my parish? What is your fee?

The answer is yes if it does not interfere with my current responsibilities.  The event would have to be in the New York City general area (including parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, etc...).  If I do not have to move equipment (sound system, keyboards, etc.), my fee is $350.  If I am to provide the sound system, my fee is $500.  Thank you for understanding about the fee. Some of these events require serious time preparations on top of the event itself.

With your permission, I would make my CDs available for purchase at the event.  This helps keep my fees down.

5. Do you give piano lessons?

I did this for many years and it was a joy!  I do not currently have the time to do so.  Please contact me as I may be able to refer you to someone!

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