"Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord,  always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

It's important to be thankful and I am so thankful you have visited!  This website is a vehicle to share my music, some old (like me) and soon - some new!

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The real constant in my career has been liturgical music. From composing to ministering, I can't ignore that this is where God has lead me throughout my life.

I have been involved in Christian music for over 30 years in different capacities. I like feeding my family doing something I love.  I am the Director of Music Ministries at Holy Trinity Parish in Whitestone, NY and the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for popular Christian Music pioneer, author, community founder John Michael Talbot. Those gigs and my family responsibilities keep me hopping!

Production of my new CD "The Lord of the Circling Years" is well under way!  Watch for pre-order details soon.  The release is set for March 2019!

Many of my dreams have come true but if I could have one wish, I would dig seeing a song or two in a missal/hymnal.  Kind of a "legacy" thing for my family and friends to say when I'm gone - "hey - that's one of Mike's songs".  As God wills though - not me.

Talk soon!

NEW CD UPDATE 2/8/2019

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE AMAZING SUPPORT. It's been about a week since the campaign ended and 3 of the 10 songs are completed and another 2 are well on their way! We are pushing an aggressive schedule to have tracks completed by next week but a more realistic time frame is by 2/22/2019. That gives time for mastering and manufacturing to be completed some time between March 10th - 15th. This means I will keep the promised delivery of perks in March (not counting appearances that need to be scheduled)! The fine tuning that is happening is tedious. Processing individual tracks, changing orchestrations and even - yes - tuning my vocals! MY VOCALS! LOL. I'll be in touch with everyone who contributed for a dedication over the next 2 weeks. We can also start to plan the scheduled concerts and even a release party or two. God bless you all.

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